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Summer close out sale on all our equestrian apparel. Coolfil shirts, Isabell Werth & Kastel Denmark, Eurofit and super Texan sequin shirts on discount plus FITS riding breeches, Kentucky and Irideon styles on mark down. Shop now while supplies last. Some items over $70 off!

Check out the hot new title Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider from Advanced Equine Studies. Lessons in Lightness and Riding with Chi DVDs on sale! Both DVDs include the works of the late Mark Russell.

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Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider Advanced Equine Studies

NewThis 3 DVD set is a fresh blast on the technical side of saddle fit and the health and well-being of both horse and rider. The esteemed Dr. Wade Tenney of Tufts University provides up to date information for the equestrian on medical analysis of the horse’s back and treatments. A surprising array of new methods of handling everything from kissing spines to supra-spinous ligament damage. There is ‘hands-on’ valuable advice presented in a down to earth manner from saddle designer Ron Friedson. His no-nonsense approach was refreshing indeed. It’s nice to know that we don’t necessarily need to spend the earth on a custom made saddle and interesting to note that buying used tack can become more expensive than buying new....... (click on image for full details)

Bundle-Saddle Fit for Horse and Rider and The Horse's Respiratory System

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Lessons in Lightness Lessons in Lightness with Mark Russell
811529 Copyrighted Review: 

In Mark Russell's 2-DVD set Lessons in Lightness: Building the Horse’s Foundation In Hand, Mark expertly and completely demystifies the work in hand that should be a prelude to working with any horse. Whether it is a young horse being started for the first time, a re-training project, or an older horse—no matter which discipline you hail from...... (click on image for full details)

Bundle-Lessons in Lightness and Riding with Chi.

$49.95 On Sale! $46.95

Riding with Chi. Riding with Chi. Your Pathway to Energy Mastery with Mark Russell

Buy this DVD and $3.00 will be donated by producer to In Defense Of Animals Charity. A unique guide to discovering and mastering energy flow, or CHI, for riders of all abilities and disciplines. 2 Disc set with exercises for the rider.The Chinese character chi represents life process or energy flow that sustains all living things. Here you will learn elements of efficient energy flow. Low breathing, relaxation, spinal alignment, and balance. Learn how to relieve facial tension, lower and increase your breath, relax and supple your body, and achieve a stable and balanced position while in motion, as on a horse. This will bring grace and sophistication to your riding and bring a refreshing new communication to your relationship with your horse.......(click on image for full details) Check out Mark Russell's Lessons in Lightness.


Bundle-Lessons in Lightness and Riding with Chi.


$35.99 On Sale! $31.50

Riding Shirt Sky Blue Isabell Werth Riding Shirt Sky Blue Save $30

The soft sensual fabric will feel like a second skin and easily blend into any wardrobe. The polo color and easy snap closure with fitted fabric provides an elegant and practical appeal. Plus this riding shirt has all the high tech features and practicality that you'll love............. (click on image for full details)


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$69.99 On Sale! $39.99


Isabell Werth Riding Shirt in V-Neck Coral Isabell Werth Riding Shirt in V-Neck Coral Save $30

Slip into this super fashionable V-neck coral riding shirt with all the high tech features and practicality that you'll love. A subtle bling with the Isabell Werth emblem adds additional sparkle appeal. ............ (click on image for full details)

Ladies size 8 (USA)
Ladies size 10 (USA)
Ladies Size 12 (USA)


All red tag sales are final sales.

$59.99 On Sale! $29.99


Denim Riding Breech Denim Riding Breech Bootcut Bit Reins Verano KP Save $20

Bootcut design but with all the features of a regular knee patch riding breech. Made of a very comfortable 4-way stretch denim with no inseam. This clever no-seam means no chafing. Super grip Chamisoft knee patches and beautiful double horse embroidery on rear pockets, belt loops ( see our belt section in rider accessories for some super riding belts) and a mid-rise waist. Made by Irideon..................(click on image for full details)


$89.95 On Sale! $69.95


Kentucky Breech Adele in Red Kentucky Breech Adele in Red

New ProductThis sticky knee patch breech is offered in a bright red with zipper back pockets. A Kentucky Cool Horse design, the breech is 22% cotton, 68% polyester and 10% elastan for stretch and comfort. Add the low price point and you have a winner.

Comfortable, trendy riding breeches with normal seat, anti-slip and stretch
leg closure. The anti-slip consists of silicon patches on the inside of the
knee..................(click on image for full details)


See all Kentucky products.



Andalusian Beauty Andalusian Beauty. Horse Art. Chris Weigl. Matted 8 x 10 print.
Long time equestrian and renowned photographer Chris Weigl here captures a fantastic Andalusian who performed at the World Equestrian games in Kentucky 2010 with a Spanish rider. The horse exuded amazing beauty, energy and spirit..............(click on image for full details)


Backpack. Bucking Horse Design. Backpack. Bucking Horse Design. Camouflage Green.
Large, top zippered main compartment. Front zippered pocket, two meshed holders on the sides, adjustable padded shoulder straps and carrying handles. Copyrighted Review: Share your passion for horses everywhere you go. This is a nicely made backpack of decent size with all the necessary compartments and comfy padded straps. Size is approx 12 x 17 x 8 deep.............(click on image for larger picture)

$32.95 On Sale! $27.95


Balancing Act The Horse in Sport Balancing Act The Horse in Sport Heuschmann

Dr. Gerd Heuschmann burst onto the international equestrian scene with his startling expose Tug of War, in which he demonstrated with words and photographs the disturbing effects of the (then) popular “Rollkur” or “hyperflexion” technique in training dressage horses. In his long-awaited follow-up book, Dr. Heuschmann explores what it means to be a “responsible rider,” and asks whether, in today’s society, it is indeed possible for riders in any horse sport to put the good of the horse first and foremost—most pointedly above ambition and fame........(click on image for full details)

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$34.95 On Sale! $26.95

Isabell Werth Show Shirt Isabell Werth Show Shirt Barcelona Save $30
Isabell Werth Equestrian Couture: Isabell Werth Show Shirt with South Of France blue stripes offers chic elegance and subtle color. This short sleeve design show blouse provides an especially elegant touch with the light South of France blue stripe. The excellent quality means the stand up collar has an added button finish neatly offset so it doesn't get in your way, and the loops in the back of the collar keep your stock from riding up as you proceed through the test............ (click on image for full details)
$69.99 On Sale! $39.99


Carriage Horse Driving China Coasters. Carriage Horse Driving China Coasters.
A set of six pretty coasters will enhance your dining table or coffee table and protect your furniture too. Set out these pretty horse driving design coasters and add a touch of elegance to your decor. We also have a set with horse driving/hunt whip if you want to add another set and mix designs............. (click on image for full details)

$48.00 On Sale! $38.00


Competition Carriage Driving On A Shoestring. Competition Carriage Driving On A Shoestring. Jinny Johnson
This is a book with special assistance for the novice single horse or pony driver - how to enter and compete in combined driving on a shoestring. From Uk Publisher J Allen, and written by the well respected driving commissioner Jinny Johnson...... (click on image for full details)

$19.95 On Sale! $15.95

Cor De La Bryere Cor De La Bryere History of A Showjumping Legend ON SALE
Huge Discount! A Film Portrait About an Outstanding Sire. Holsteiner Legend.The main influence of the entire Holstein breed this superb French sire brought everything to the table. Athletic and full of heart, a true talent in show jumping who had the master 'stamp' across a wide range of mare lines to produce such other legends as Classic Touch, Calvaro, Corrado, and also dressage champions such as the great Corlandus, and Chacomo, to name but just a few....... (click on image for full details)
$35.00 On Sale! $24.95

Equestrian Handbag Equestrian Handbag Show jumping

New ProductPretty horse lover handbag in tans with a hint of red. The design features a nylon lined interior with zipped inner pocket, top zip and offers a shoulder strap which is detachable. Fun design with show jumping " Jump-off", riding hats, bits and stirrup. The outer shell is a durable fabric and it has a two way zip for easy opening.

Size 13 inches wide at base with metal studs, 11 inches tall. .........(click on image for full details)


$59.99 On Sale! $39.99

Equestrian License Plate Equestrian License Plate Showjumper Chrome on Navy Blue.
Added to your truck or car, the reflective quality of this plate will light your way. This plate is also the perfect way to dress up your home or barn and showcase your love of the sport.............(click on image for larger picture)
Click Here to see all License Plates.



Jumping Bat Economical Jumping Bat. A lightweight handy bat.
This is the most economical bat we've found that still offers a decent quality. With leather grippy handle and a decent flapper to make a little noise, the whip is 26 inches long and comes with a leather handle too. Please state your color preference one, two and three on the order at check out, sorry black no longer available and we'll make every effort to accommodate your wishes for a specific color.......... (click on image for larger picture)

$24.99 On Sale! $19.99


Enjoying Show Jumping Enjoying Show Jumping with Tim Stockdale. Excellent Advice Here.
Excellent Advice Here.

Tim Stockdale always provides a comprehensive and very explicit approach to tackling the jumps and working your horse for the best possible outcome. His wealth of experience and frequent selection for the British Team, speak to his talent and education. His very successful series of DVDs "Successful Show Jumping," which we also carry right here at, are jampacked with information, and this DVD is another great resource for the show jumping rider/trainer. ...... (click on image for full details)

$29.95 On Sale! $25.95

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