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equifitdressagelinercontouredfront.jpg Equifit TFoam Bandage Liner. Dressage Contoured Front.

EquiFit’s T-Foam Bandage Liners conform to each horse’s legs for maximum support and protection during strenuous exercise. Providing a custom fit, every time, they minimize dirt and debris build-up known to cause rubs. Velcro® closures make for easy use......... (click on image for full details)


$85.90 On Sale! $75.90

equine leg work Equine Leg Work Leg Bandaging Techniques
Learn traditional leg bandaging methods for your horse. Techniques include the polo bandage, standing bandage, spider bandage, support bandage, pressure bandage. Also included is advice on how to properly apply a poultice and sweat and a special section on safety practices to utilize when working around horses. For the horse you don't wish to bandage there is also advice on open leg work including cold water and topical treatments.......(click on image for full details)
$34.99 On Sale! $24.99
bridlebageousbrown.jpg Horse Bridle Bag Eous Brown. Travel in Style

Our best seller. Super soft inside to protect your valuable tack, the lining is a cool dry interior. Cool dry is a quick dry, sweat free easy care fabric that offers great air permeability too. ..........(click on image for larger picture)

$49.99 On Sale! $42.99

ground reins cotton toklet horse black Horse Training Ground Reins Set in Cotton from Toklat

New ProductGround reins made of 100% cotton webbing in maroon and black color, with standard length of 27 feet per rein. Buckle with stud closure..........(click on image for larger picture)

$74.95 On Sale! $65.95

horse training phillips reins Horse Training Phillips Reins Kavalcade.

New ProductPhillips (Lauffer) Lungeing Rein helps horses that are tight in the back, have too high head carriage and need to find forward and down.

Offered in warmblood size, black leather with stainless steel buckles, adjustable. ..........(click on image for larger picture)


How to Fit Western Saddles Pain Free How to Fit Western Saddles Pain Free Joyce Harman DVM.
Joyce Harman brings you her wealth of very good knowledge in how to fit your horse's western saddle pain free. The horse and saddle might be all you need but the fit is critical to enjoying a good working relationship as well as keeping your horse pain free and sound for years to come...... (click on image for full details)
$29.95 On Sale! $25.95
coaster whip design Hunting Whip China Coasters A set of six pretty coasters.
Set out these pretty hunt whip design coasters and add a touch of elegance to your decor. We also have a set with horse driving design if you want to add another set and mix designs............. (click on image for full details)
$52.00 On Sale! $48.00

ipad case horse lover show jumper IPad Case Show jumper
Padded microfibre case holds IPad and opens to be a stand. Show your love of show jumping as you tote your Ipad around on your travels. Review:- A fun way to showcase your passion for horses while at the same time providing a fully functional protection and stand for the Ipad. We also have a dressage design if showjumping is not your particular passion. .........(click on image for larger picture)
$29.95 On Sale! $26.95
Cadence Euro Zip Breeches Black Full Seat Irideon Riding Cadence Euro-Breech Black Full Seat

New ProductEnjoy the freedom of movement that you deserve from a riding breech without compromising on traditional equestrian style with this zip front, stretchy cord fabric and Euro-seat full seat design with Chamisoft for added stability in the saddle. These Irideon breeches also feature a comfy 2 inch waistband, 2 hook and eye closures over front zip and cool mesh Jacquard calf for the ultimate comfort in tall boots..................(click on image for full details)

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$139.95 On Sale! $109.95

Jack Russells and Their Friends Jack Russells and Their Friends Super Sale Price
Jack Russells and Their Friends. Marilyn Mackay-Smith A super book from Jack Russell breeder Marilyn Mackay-Smith. Known for her ability to capture the spirit of these wonderful dogs on film....... (click on image for full details)
$14.95 On Sale! $9.95
Jaguar Hunting Horse Bridle. Jaguar Hunting Horse Bridle. Flat. Handcrafted. Save $20

Unique fitting options make this imported from England bridlework superior to many other brands. Beautifully manufactured by renowned saddle and bridlewear making house Harry Dabbs under license from the elite car maker Jaguar, this bridle gives a superb fit and excellent features. Made from the finest English leather and hardware, keen attention to detail and flexibility in design and comfort of the horse...........(click on image for full details)

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$195.99 On Sale! $175.99

hinnemannset.jpg Jo Hinnemann Volume 1 and 2 set. Assisted by Ferdi Eilberg

The young Horse and The Advanced Horse One of the best known and respected trainers of our time, Jo Hinnemann has guided and coached many top international dressage competitors including Ulla Saltzgeber, Heike Kemmer, Coby van Balen and her daughter Marlies to name but a few. In these DVDs Jo Hinnemann works with the PSG/Intermediare level and Grand Prix on Vol 2 and 4/5/6 year olds in basic work on Vol 1. with his usual straightforward and charming approach. ....... (click on image for full details)


$59.90 On Sale! $54.90
Josh Lyons Leads and Lead Changes Josh Lyons on Leads and Lead Changes. Part 4 of the teaching series.
Super training help on providing your horse with the best understanding and improving his gaits and leads. Quiet and peaceful with no fuss..that's the Josh Lyons way and in this DVD he focuses on improving the horse's lightness and responsiveness to the bridle ( always need to improve that), and trains you in how to train your horse to take the correct lead. ...... (click on image for full details)
$39.99 On Sale! $35.99
Riding Shirt Light Blue Charlotte Jorst Kastel Denmark Riding Shirt Light Blue Charlotte Jorst

The Charlotte SPF 30 ultra-violet protection, long sleeve, zip-neck shirt is designed with technical features that add comfort to performance. Breathable patterned lightweight material wicks away heat with 92% nylon/8% spandex.   Skin stays protected from sun damage and leading technology provides you with the highest level of moisture control.  Odors are eliminated with our exclusive anti-bacterial fabric.............. (click on image for full details)

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kyrakgunmineralblue2.jpg Kyra K. Gun Fitted Cotton top with V neckline.
Very unique in color and design, the soft cotton is sensual to wear and provides and added statement to your wardrobe. ............ (click on image for full details)

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$59.99 On Sale! $42.99

conciseguidetomedications.jpg Medications, Herbs and Supplements for the Horse David Ramey D.V.M.
Medications, Herbs and Supplements for the Horse Concise Guide from David Ramey D.V.M. Save money by eliminating non effective treatments. This is the 2007 revised edition of this popular title and David Ramey has provided the horse owner with a good guide to the side effects of too much supplementation and positive effects of adding just the right amount. Also which supplements to avoid for adherence to competition rules and limitations and which to use to enhance performance are covered....... (click on image for full details)
Mini Power Horse Mirror License Plate Mini Power Horse Mirror License Plate. Chrome on black.

Miniature horse lovers delight in this unique laser design plate! Use as a license plate where it really catches the light or decorate a wall of your home or tack room where you can even use it as a mirror.............(click on image for larger picture)

Click Here to see all License Plates.


Motivation of Dressage Horses Richard Hinrichs Motivation of Dressage Horses Richard Hinrichs Save $10
Limited time sale on this lovely DVD. Classical dressage master brings you detailed advice on increasing your horse's enjoyment in his work and how to magnify the horse's charisma in dressage work. review:This is a very detailed training tape, in the usual exacting style and great explanation and demonstration for which this master, Richard Hinrichs is well known....... (click on image for full details)

$49.95 On Sale! $39.95

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