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Show season is here and The Horse Studio has the perfect show gear to keep you cool and comfortable. Check out the FITS show jackets, super thin mesh design for both the jumper and dressage ring, FITS tech tred super light breeches with traditional seat, Kastel Denmark SPF30 lightweight riding shirts, travel gear for your riding hat/jacket/bridle and saddle, shipping boots and USA made top quality halters and fancy saddle pads. Lots of big discounts going on now with 24hr FLASH SALE pricing at The Horse Studio online store, so check back daily.

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irideon cavaletti riding jacket black Cavaletti Riding Jacket in Black from Irideon

New ProductA beautifully tailored riding jacket in a 4-way soft stretchy fabric provides an elegant and lightweight cover up for the schooling show or clinic. This rain resistant jacket sheds dust and shavings and has a back hip pocket to stash essentials, and two front zip pockets. The back hem is elliptical to provide perfect coverage in and out of the saddle and the sleeve cuffs are tailored as a regular show jacket................ (click on image for full details)


$99.95 On Sale! $89.95

Please Coil Up The Hose Barn Sign Fergus Please Coil Up the Hose

Another fun new sign from Fergus. An uncoiled hose is not just a tripping hazard, it also gets damaged by horses feet stepping on it. Post this sign and let everyone know you'd appreciate their keeping it tidy.

Size 8.5 x 11 inches. Plastic....................(click on image for larger picture)

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$9.99 On Sale! $8.79

Be a Smart Horse Buyer Be a Smart Horse Buyer Bob Avila
Bob Avila guides you through the process of buying a horse with good advice on how to avoid the common mistakes and how to find just the right horse for you.

A super guide for anyone buying the horse. It begins logically with ten tips to launch your search and help locating a pro or agent if you feel you need one. Then the pros and cons of buying off the net are thoroughly addressed, and how to make sure you find a horse that suits you. Advice on shipping for your kids horse, which is a world unto itself with kids emotions involved....... (click on image for full details)

$24.95 On Sale! $16.95
dressage whip black leather PRI Black Leather Handle Dressage Whip

New ProductTraditional style leather handled whip offered in black and sizes 40 and 46 inch. A great value for money.
Navy Blue.......... (click on image for more details)




Bradoon Snaffle Bit Bradoon Snaffle Bit 1.2 cm thick quality SS bit
Bradoon Snaffle Bit 1.2 cm thick this high quality stainless steel bit is offered in three sizes. Super adjunct to the weymouth bits offered here at Imported from Germany this is a very good quality stainless steel bradoon snaffle bit. Offered in the thinner 1.2 cm thickness here which horses with smaller mouths will certainly appreciate....... (click on image for full details)

$16.99 On Sale! $13.99

horse halter breakaway XL Breakaway Horse Halter XL 3 Colors

Safety first! This breakaway horse halter is perfect for turn out and trailering. Available in 3 colors, blue, green and black. Leather crown adjusts on both sides. Adjustable noseband and grooming clip. High quality stainless steel fittings. American made. 1 inch wide.............. (click on image for larger picture)

$25.95 On Sale! $19.95

kavalkade longe reins double horse tack Double Longe Reins in Black with Coupling

New ProductThese reins are made by the German company Kavalcade of a specialist, soft but durable materials and are joined in the middle with a swivel for use as double longe reins for horse training. The end clips swivel.

Offered in black. Length is approximately 59 feet altogether..........(click on image for larger picture)


Dressage Diamond Saddle Pad in Chardonnay. Dressage Diamond Saddle Pad Chardonnay

 The perfect match for one of our diamond riding vests. Chic and elegant and perfectly sized. This is a lightweight brushed cotton saddle pad with a well contoured top line for optimal fit and function. Machine washable and breathable, ideal for layering under a half pad or shearling pad. The small diamond pattern is chic and elegant............. (click on image for full details)

$35.99 On Sale! $32.99

Spurs Stainless Steel 30 mm smooth rowel. Dressage Horse Spurs Stainless Steel 30 mm smooth rowel.
These ladies spurs have a perfect fit with a slightly larger width, with the round ball provides a good contact for your horse. The stainless steel is very high quality and durable. ........ (click on image for full details)

vest windsor navy Equestrian Riding Vest in Classic Navy Blue.
This classic Navy Blue small diamond quilted jacket has a water repellent moss microfiber shell and is fully lined. This princess cut jacket is flattering to the figure, and is lightweight but provides warmth for that early morning schooling session or late evening hack. It is adjustable in the back and has a comfy elastic waist, which provides a super slimming fit as well as being great to wear........ (click on image for full details)

$47.99 On Sale! $45.99

Equifit All Purpose T Boot White Front Equifit All Purpose T Boot White Front Velcro SALE

All Purpose T-Boot™ offers all-around durable protection for daily exercise and turn out. Durable, Rhinotek™ outer shell resists tears, scuffs and scratches and is easy to clean.

New Velcro® for a stronger, more durable hold between boot and liner

T-Foam™ lining conforms to horse’s leg for a custom fit, every time

Made with T-Foam:™ The Choice of Champions......... (click on image for full details)

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$109.95 On Sale! $69.95

Fits Tech Tread Full Seat Breeches in Sahara FITS Breech Tech Tread Full Seat Sahara

New ProductFITS new Techtread’s mesmerizing power- pattern brings nuanced performance to new levels, created from the study of human movements in the saddle with inspiration from shoe tread technology. The result is a pattern that maximizes grip where riders need it, minimizes it where they don’t, and provides a balance between the two in areas where................ (click on image for full details) 

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$127.99 On Sale! $114.99

Zephyr Show Coat FITS Zephyr Show Coat Dressage Black

New Copyrighted Review: For this dressage rider FITS gear is my favorite show gear. I have tried many over the years include bespoke apparel and jackets and this one outsmarts them all on several fronts. Super smart and super cool, FITS Zephyr show coats are quite simply the coolest available without compromising on fit, function or visual appeal............... (click on image for full details)


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$334.00 On Sale! $299.00

For The Good of the Rider For The Good of the Rider Mary Wanless.
Overcome your training blocks and achieve harmony with your horse.

Working with a clear and concise understanding of the laws of biomechanics, cause and effect, Mary Wanless has become world renowned for her training methods as being extremely helpful in improving the rider mentally and physically. With her background in Physics, and having attacked with her keen intelligence just about every sort of psychology and sports therapy, neuro-linguistics/biofeedback/biomechanic issues and more, Mary Wanless takes sophisticated information and brings it to the rider in easily digestible bites. Highly respected for good reason, her work continues to give the keys to countless riders of all levels and multi disciplines....... (click on image for full details)

eous brown garment bag Garment Bag Eous Brown. Travel in Style Save $10

This garment bag is nylon lined and has an outside pocket plus an easy access design. Match it up with the bridle bag, helmet bag, saddle bag and boot bag for the perfect ensemble. Need a bag for a top hat? Try the miscellaneous tote..........(click on image for larger picture)

$49.99 On Sale! $39.99

Grazing Horses Sequin T Shirt. Grazing Horses Sequin T Shirt.
Add a touch of glitter and glamor with this pretty sequin T shirt. The light reflects beautifully and it has a slightly longer cut to flatter every figure. The sequins are in the front side only, the back is the same picture and colors just without the sequins............(click on image for full details)
$27.99 On Sale! $19.99

haas grundys finest grey Haas Grundy's Finest Horse Brush
510093 review:
This brush is made of very soft horse hair-pure and so soft-it is the finishing brush especially for the horse's face and legs. The hair is dense, one of the most dense that you'll ever find. Leather handle of course........(click on image for full details)


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$25.95 On Sale! $19.95

Halter bridle 1 inch leather brown full size Halter Bridle Combo Brown Leather Solid Brass Save $30

Perfect for the trail. Super well made, soft leather and USA made. A lovely quality halter/bridle with solid brass fittings. Leather is thick and 3/4 inch wide. The stitching is neat and well crafted. Offered in regular horse/full size, with measurements below. Note: No reins included........... (click on image for full details)


$92.95 On Sale! $62.95


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