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Lessons in Lightness Lessons in Lightness Building the Horse’s Foundation In Hand
811529 Copyrighted Review: 

In Mark Russell's 2-DVD set Lessons in Lightness: Building the Horse’s Foundation In Hand, Mark expertly and completely demystifies the work in hand that should be a prelude to working with any horse. Whether it is a young horse being started for the first time, a re-training project, or an older horse—no matter which discipline you hail from...... (click on image for full details)

$49.95 On Sale! $39.95
Barn Sign Fergus Please Keep This Shut Barn Sign Fergus Please Keep This Shut

Fergus will bring a smile to their faces but send a clear message at the same time with this request to keep the gate/door shut. No more gates swinging in the wind and getting damaged or horse stall doors blocking the aisle.

Size 8.5 x 11 inches. Plastic. ...................(click on image for larger picture)

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$9.99 On Sale! $8.79

Be a Smart Horse Buyer Be a Smart Horse Buyer Bob Avila
Bob Avila guides you through the process of buying a horse with good advice on how to avoid the common mistakes and how to find just the right horse for you.

A super guide for anyone buying the horse. It begins logically with ten tips to launch your search and help locating a pro or agent if you feel you need one. Then the pros and cons of buying off the net are thoroughly addressed, and how to make sure you find a horse that suits you. Advice on shipping for your kids horse, which is a world unto itself with kids emotions involved....... (click on image for full details)

$24.95 On Sale! $16.95
Become Perfect Partners Become Perfect Partners from horse whisperer Kelly Marks
Teaches you how to gain your horse's understanding, respect and trust. Hard to Find Title. Out of Print.Kelly Marks is a former champion jockey and showjumper and her mentor and trainer, Monty Roberts discovered her talents in the horse whispering role and encouraged Kelly with further training....... (click on image for full details)

$49.95 On Sale! $30.95
Beyond Horse Massage Wall Charts Beyond Horse Massage Wall Charts

NewEasy-To-View Wall Charts Jim Masterson
Since the release of the now international bestsellers Beyond Horse Massage, the book and DVD, Jim Masterson, creator of the Masterson Method, has received countless requests for an easy-to-use visual aid to always have on hand in the barn. The result of this popular demand are these large-format hanging wall charts, clearly providing the quick-reference photos and step-by-step instructions for 13 Masterson Method techniques. With a spiral binding and grommet for hanging the charts in the stall or the aisle, those who have discovered the benefits of the Masterson Method..........(click on image for full details)


$22.95 On Sale! $19.95
Black Cotton Lead Rope Black Cotton Lead Rope 1/2 inch 6 ft

A handy Amish made cotton lead rope with solid brass rotating snap. review: Always handy to have plenty of these. Inexpensive.......... (click on image for larger picture)

$9.95 On Sale! $7.95

Cantering Horse Napkin Ring Set Cantering Horse Napkin Ring Set of 4. Pewter
These classically designed cantering horse napkins come in a useful velvet pouch for storage and this set of 4 completes your dinner table compliments your fine cuisine with a fancy equestrian accent providing the perfect finishing touch............. (click on image for larger image)
$40.00 On Sale! $38.00

Yellow Horse Cavallo Lucio Cavallo Lucio by designer Daniel dela Cruz for Vabene Limited Edition
Lots of laughter from everyone who meets this equine character.

This is a super humor gift that is also very collectible from well-known designer Daniel dela Cruz. Created exclusively for Vabene, imported from Germany, this is dashing horse is hand-painted with the very finest paints available. It is one of a limited edition of 200........... (click on image for full details)

$169.00 On Sale! $129.00

Charlotte Jorst Kastel Denmark Riding Shirt Charlotte Jorst Kastel Denmark Riding Shirt Black/White
730182 Copyrighted Review:- Such a cool shirt in every sense of the word. Extremely comfy, kept me fresh and cool during my workout today in Wellie. Felt good and looked good. Will buy more. Thanks for bringing us the Charlotte collection. I will be buying the entire color selection for my season. .............. (click on image for full details)

free shipping

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country stablebin play set Country Stable For Your Horses A Bag, Stable and Mat.
A super fun and useful toy - the horse play mat is 29 x 33 inches and will delight kids playing with their Toob toy horses (see alternate listings here at The Horse Studio for horses, ponies and horses and rider Toob toys)...............(click on image for more details)
$21.95 On Sale! $18.95

donnerhall.jpg Donnerhall. Oldenburg Stallion. Private Moments.
Portrait of an exceptional horse.

Everyone has heard of Donnerhall and marveled over his superb gaits and admirable outline. This is a super DVD production from Germany but in English that includes Donnerhall relaxing at home at Gronwoldhof Stud Farm in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany as well as lots of super footage of him in competition across the world....... (click on image for full details)

$35.00 On Sale! $29.99
kavalkade longe reins double horse tack Double Longe Reins in Black with Coupling

New ProductThese reins are made by the German company Kavalcade of a specialist, soft but durable materials and are joined in the middle with a swivel for use as double longe reins for horse training. The end clips swivel.

Offered in black. Length is approximately 59 feet altogether..........(click on image for larger picture)


Dressage Diamond Saddle Pad in Black Dressage Diamond Saddle Pad in Classic Black.
The perfect match for one of our diamond riding vests. Chic and elegant and perfectly sized.This is a lightweight brushed cotton saddle pad with a well contoured top line for optimal fit and function. Machine washable and breathable, ideal for layering under a half pad or shearling pad. The small diamond pattern is chic and elegant.............. (click on image for full details)
$35.99 On Sale! $32.99

Fits Tech Tread Full Seat Breeches in Black FITS Breech Tech Tread Full Seat Black

New ProductGet to grips with your riding in this super stylish FITS Techtread breech.  The mesmerizing power-pattern brings performance to new levels. This FITS breech was created from the study of human movements in the saddle with inspiration from shoe tread technology. The result is a pattern that maximizes grip where riders need it, minimizes it where they don’t, and provides a balance between the two in areas where you want ‘moveable grip’. Then, FITS worked with ink makers and printers to source a new ink to provide the absolute best grip possible with printed fabric. Even better, the ink is environmentally friendly................ (click on image for full details) Free Shipping

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$127.99 On Sale! $115.19

Foal Striding Out Foal Striding Out Greeting Cards Set of 5

A foal striding out, the start of a racing career? From Irish photographer Siobhan English. Copyrighted Review:-

The Horse Studio is very pleased to welcome the photographic genius of acclaimed Irish journalist and photographer Siobhan English to their collection of fine horse and dog lover greeting cards. All foals love to gambol and this one is definitely striding out in true thoroughbred form. Siobhan has done a good job showcasing the stride the foal can manage and the foal's watchful eye says 'Yeah, Look at Me Run!"

Please note: This is a copyrighted review and may only be published elsewhere with credit clearly denoted as ", The International Equestrian Shop" and with a link to The Horse Studio website URL if published online. Thank you for respecting our copyright.........(click on image for Full Details)

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Grazing Horses Sequin T Shirt. Grazing Horses Sequin T Shirt.
Add a touch of glitter and glamor with this pretty sequin T shirt. The light reflects beautifully and it has a slightly longer cut to flatter every figure. The sequins are in the front side only, the back is the same picture and colors just without the sequins............(click on image for full details)
$27.99 On Sale! $19.99

Horze grooming bag Grooming Bag Horze Tough, Durable and Great Size
Save $10. review: This is a lovely size grooming bag with all the options you could want. Large enough to accommodate all your brushes with style, complete with name label and pen holders in side and lots of neat features:- Elasticated side panels........(click on image for full details)
$47.99 On Sale! $37.99

Foals Weekly Planner Horse Lover Stationery Foals Weekly Planner
A great combination of lovely artwork and practicality with this weekly planner, that is undated so you can start your year when you like. Makes a great gift. The youth and vibrance of these lovely foals prancing about reminds you to enjoy your day........ (click on image for full details)
$9.99 On Sale! $8.99


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