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wiksmart horse cooler Wiksmart Horse Cooler Dry Your Horse in Half the Time

New$10 super saver, this week only. This patent pending cooler design offers more surface area coverage. There is neck, belly and chest panels that cover the areas where horses actually get wet with sweat. The Wiksmart cooler fastens tightly to the horse and speeds up moisture diffusion from the hair to the fleece.............. (click on image for full details)

$99.90 On Sale! $89.90

the art of liberty training for horses The Art of Liberty Training for Horses

NewAttain New Levels of Leadership, Unity, Feel, Engagement, and Purpose Jonathan Field Copyrighted Review:-
There is a wealth of good information here and it is presented with great illustrations and an easy to follow text. Unfortunately in this print there was an error on the  Field Training Scale and the publisher added an insert which was a bit odd but guess it works. Notwithstanding the book is chock full of good advice and makes a great introduction to liberty training which is always a good starting point with a young horse. Jonathan Field knows his stuff...........(click on image for full details)


$34.95 On Sale! $29.95
Fine Riding Based on Solid Foundations Fine Riding Based on Solid Foundations Christoph Hess and Uta Graf

NewWhether its dressage, show jumping, cross country or leisure riding, the aims are the same – getting pleasure out of riding and from your equine partner, looking after horses in an appropriate manner while achieving your personal goals. Uta Gräf’s training concept proves that competing successfully, looking after horses appropriately and close to their natural living conditions plus training using the correct guidelines are not mutually exclusive. “Scrape off the mud and practice fine riding.”...........(click on image for full details)


$45.00 On Sale! $38.95
fits a618 black FITS Breech Free Flex Full Seat Zip Front in Black

New ProductA traditional look with the euroseat and back yoke and a synthetic flex-leather that provides and exceptional grip. This new design from FITS, has the comfort of the yoga pant, anti-fatigue muscle compression. The synthetic flex leather has a soft chamois finish inside for maximum comfort, but grips like leather on the outside.
.............. (click on image for full details)


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$177.95 On Sale! $160.00

rider+horse=1 Rider+Horse=1 Eckart Meyners

NewHow to Achieve the Fluid Dialogue that Leads to Harmonious Performance Eckart Meyners, Hannes Müller, Kerstin Niemann
Bringing rider and horse together so they can move as one is a complex equation. Now, sports physiologist and movement expert Eckart Meyners has combined efforts with German Riding School Head Hannes Muller and St. Georg editor Kerstin Niemann to provide a book with the answers..........(click on image for full details)


$29.95 On Sale! $25.95
ladies breeches irideon winter windpro pipeline sapphire Windpro Pipeline Breech Knee Patch

New ProductSuper sleek design for the season, this breech offers a luxurious softness and warmth for the rider with superfleece "Windpro" that not only insulates from teh cold but with a special durable water repellent coating, the windpro sheds rain, snow and mud while blocking the wind four times more than traditional fleece.................(click on image for full details)


$179.95 On Sale! $129.95

Goddard Dressage Whip  Dressage Whip Goddard Economy Black Spiral 43 inch
280034 Copyrighted Review:-

A really nice whip for the price - stylish and practical. Length is 43 inches, ferule is plastic. The handle is rubber so lots of grip and a medium weight whip.

Made in England by Goddard, these whips are extremely popular due to their durability and pricing.

Color Black/Gray.......... (click on image for more details)



$32.95 On Sale! $27.95

Driving Do's and Don'ts Sallie Walrond Driving Do's and Don'ts Sallie Walrond
This is a commonsense guide offering advice on a wide range of driving topics, aimed at avoiding common mistakes and becoming a safer and more proficient carriage driver. Chapters include correct harness fitting and care, vehicle maintenance, driving on the road, tips on preparing for a show, taking part in show classes and eventing.......(click on image for full details)
$12.95 On Sale! $10.95
Halter in French Blue with Embossed Horse Design in Gold Horse Halter in Pretty French Blue with Embossed Horse Design in Gold
Horse Halter in Pretty French Blue with Embossed Horse Design in Gold Color. Leather lined with Nubuck for the ultimate comfort and extremely well made. Imported from New Zealand. We wouldn't usually stock a poly type halter - but this one is very different from the norm. The clever design from down under New Zealand brings you the benefit if leather next to your horse for comfort plus the modern design of embossing ribbon - super tough and super practical........... (click on image for full details)

$39.90 On Sale! $25.90

Riding Jersey Radiance Parasol Irideon Sapphire Riding Jersey Radiance Parasol by Irideon in Sapphire

New ProductA long sleeve equestrian sport jersey that is perfect as a cool long sleeve jersey on its own or as part of a layering system for cooler weather. Active-wicking wrinkle resistant stretch fabric keeps you looking well-groomed while providing UPF50 sun protection. The elliptical hem stays tucked and provides coverage in the saddle and there is a stock loop on the back neck.................(click on image for full details)




$49.99 On Sale! $42.99

SSG Gator Grip Gloves Riding performance gloves from SSG. The Gator Grip.
Riding performance gloves from SSG.

The Gator grip brings you high performance comfort and durability for the toughest course. In Black and Tan. Well loved by eventers and drivers these gloves have earned their excellent reputation. Their breathable no sweat palm and back and lattice work overlay palm provides a sterling grip. The key reinforcement also offers double rein handling for the dressage schooling rider who wants to keep track of the big warmblood moving forward.......... (click on image for full details)

$29.95 On Sale! $22.95

riding jacket equestrian vest combo black PRI Front Riding Jacket and Equestrian Vest Combo in Black

New ProductPrincess collared, elegant riding jacket in double layer black quilt microfibre with lots of adjustability. Stay warm and comfortable riding your horse, then unzip the sleeves to convert to a riding vest. Includes hood for those extra chilly days our enjoying a trail ride. The waist has an inner adjustable drawstring as well as three exterior buckles for adjustment, the cuffs are also adjustable...............(click on image for full details)




riding vest rhinestone dressage beige back Riding Vest Rhinestone Dressage Lover Fun in Beige

New ProductBeautiful detail on this light beige small diamond quilt horse riding vest with stirrup design 2 way zip pulls, quilted fabric with fitted waist and adjustable waist poppers plus the back is rhinestone dressage rider in black and sparkling silver. There is also an embroidered horse logo on the left chest..............(click on image for full details)


Available only at


saddle pad trail riding padded pockets Saddle Pad Trail Riding Padded 2 Waterproof Pockets

New ProductThis saddle pad is super for the trail riding  with a double thick quilt layer and padded top half for the horse's comfort, oversize waterproof pockets to pack your travel items that velcro closed for quick access and pretty color options.

Size : Across the spine 19 inches
Side across 25 inches
Depth 19 inches............(click on image for full details)

$61.98 On Sale! $59.98

Show Scheduler Show scheduler with erasable board and pen.
When you have that flimsy piece of paper pinned to the tack room wall or the horse trailer window you find it escapes you or becomes wet and unreadable. Turn to this highly visible board instead. Add your horse's class times and dates, ring and class number and horse/rider combo. In this way you can keep your Team working on schedule and alleviate the costly and worrying delays of someone not knowing the where and when of your event............. (click on image for full details)
$24.95 On Sale! $19.95

Smartphone Case Smartphone Case Neoprene Protection Belt Clip Dressage Design

A fun way to showcase your love of dressage and to protect your investment in a smartphone. Neoprene protection with belt loop and clip attachment plus velcro closure for quick and easy access.This large smartphone case fits the IPhone, Droid DNA and Galaxy4S. Inside dimensions are 5.5 inches x 3.25 inches x 0.5 inches. Machine wash/drip dry..........(click on image for more details)


$17.95 On Sale! $15.95
gloves ssg winter training SSG Winter Training Gloves On Sale Save $10
These are the winter training leather glove from the well proven manufacturer SSG. This is a toasty glove is a great all purpose lined winter glove (thinsulate) ideal for handling, training or riding. The back of the glove is thinsulate lined for warmth without any bulk and the palm is lightly lined to offer more feel for the reins. The knitted cuff adds a nice extra protection from the winter weather, offering overall cold weather protection to -32degrees F. This glove is made of a drum dyed soft cowhide leather which provides a good grip.......... (click on image for full details)
$45.95 On Sale! $35.95

Navy Heavyweight Turnout Heavyweight Horse Blanket for Turnout Save $100
Super reasonable price and well designed to alleviate any issues with shoulder rub. This 1680 denier turnout blanket will provide comfort for your horse not just against the elements, with its 350 g polyester fill, but also for his freedom of movement and shoulder. The shoulder gusset is cleverly set higher than the standard industry designs, which allows complete freedom of movement. ............(click on image for full details)

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$187.99 On Sale! $87.99


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