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The Horse Studio is a multimedia production hub creatively engaged with the pet and equine industry. We cast a sparkling spotlight on businesses by delivering elevated level brand building focused on the horse, pet and livestock industry that incorporates specialty PR/Marketing strategy and content consultations.
This is accomplished using several mediums:
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Through the Lens


Professional grade photography: film with real audio productions from rough to fine to locked cut: full-service action with scriptwriting, storyboards that inspire, vlogs, event coverage, educational and biographical documentaries.

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On the Page


Storytelling and narratives cleverly crafted by talented wordsmiths. Unique content copy for advertorial, editorial, websites, social media, articles, white papers, ghostwriting, blogs, vlogs that provides thought leadership and an edgy advantage over your competition.

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On the Air


Podcasts, webinars, TV productions, live stream, event coverage.

Train Hard. Win Easy.

It’s not always easy to outshine the competition in any arena.
But as Olympians say, “Train hard, win easy.” In the complex world of business, telling your story and helping clients identify with your product or service means putting in the time and money to produce content that will educate and benefit their business and help individuals attain their personal goals.
Specialist services like ours take the hard work out of your day, and bring multimedia professional creative content front and center.
There’s a lot of ‘virtual nonsense’ out there. At The Horse Studio we ensure whatever the medium of content we produce for our customers, its quality and unique creative flair will engage the audience and develop a loyal clientele.
Our media channels reach far and wide. Connections with publishers, media outlets across multiple social platforms via established influencers and other channels of distribution mean your business is fast out the gate and front of the field.
Additional distribution of content through our collaboration with trusted partners in PR/Marketing is always just a few keystrokes away.
At The Horse Studio we know our expertise will work wonders for your bottom line.
And we promise to have lots of fun together along the way.

Casting Call! Rolling Admissions, The Horse Studio 101 Dressage Series

Do you ride dressage? The Horse Studio is currently in production for a new video series called, "Road Map To Making The Grand Prix Dressage Horse. Part 1" of the series "101 Dressage ~ The Young Horse" will be filming at Willowview Hill Farm, Stamford, NY summer 2024.
The series will follow along with British international level Grand Prix coach/clinician /competitor Paul Alvin-Smith training his homebred Lusitano youngster, Extravaganza WVH.
If you are interested in being involved in the production as a dressage rider and have a young horse to showcase, please contact us. See below.


The Horse Studio was established in 2006 and began its life as “The International Equestrian Shop” that utilized the experience of its key executives as accomplished international level equestrian competitors and international freight forwarders.
Horse tack/equipment design and marketing of the most innovative products to be found worldwide, quickly took second place to major marketing achievements across multiple brands in the equine and pet industry. The retail/wholesale business element was spun off to allow full focus on the development of a multimedia production hub that has successfully served the community since.
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The Horse Studio is proud to be part of the NY Film industry with a Qualified Film Production Facility on site. With both the equine models and equestrian talent on hand, a stunning backdrop from their mountain location in the beautiful Catskill Mountains, the company welcomes producers and directors from other genres of independent filmmaking to work on location. Helpful link...


The Horse Studio is a light footprint company that happily works with large corporate entities, small businesses, non-profit/community services and individual talents such as celebrities of film/TV/publishing and the equestrian industry on a regular basis. Helpful link...


Creative content for all website needs that casts the net to capture your target audience is a huge asset we provide that you can leverage to build your brand better.. Helpful link...


Social media platforms and other media channels all require feeding. Adopt proven strategies that influence your readers with soft sell educational content from thought leaders. Helpful link...

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In the Footlights

Several production projects are currently in the works including, “Road Map to Making the Grand Prix Dressage Horse.” This serial TV production will feature Grand Prix dressage duo Paul and Nikki Alvin-Smith of Willowview Hill Farm, Stamford, NY. It will follow along with the training and education of their homebred Lusitano/DWB cross, Extravaganza WVH, as he navigates his journey through the levels of dressage. Designed to educate and entertain the dressage trainer from a fun and original viewpoint, Paul’s British dry sense of humor combined with his experience making several horses from start to finish at Grand Prix, viewers will enjoy the interaction and home truths that transpire to which all riders can relate.
The TV production will be accompanied by the release of a book of the same title, that will be published in collaboration with Horse in a Kilt Media Inc..

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