"Courage is being scared to death - and saddling up anyway"
… John Wayne

PR/Marketing on camera or on the screen/in print media does not have to be intimidating – neither does it need to be a barrage of unrelatable showing off.


Rule #1. Have Fun

People love to share in the excitement


Rule #2. Be Yourself

People love to engage in real life moments


Rule #3. Keep It Professional

Not everyone can write. Not everyone is easy to listen to. Employ the talent you need.

image For some people being in the spotlight is nerve-wracking, for others it is hard to direct their innate desire to showcase their talents. When it comes to promoting your equine or pet business, press comes with the territory.

  When you employ a professional media company to build your brand better and deliver a professional product, you will be proud to share the broadband broadcast with confidence that it will elevate your business. That is what The Horse Studio is all about.

  The Horse Studio team will be sharing their expertise and insights on this blog page to help you navigate the complex and everchanging dynamics of marketing your brand. Stay tuned!

The Horse Studio ~ Blog 2  ~ Getting Our Legs Under Us

Production Crew Call! ISO Talented Freelance Camera Operators/BO/Aerial CO

Posted: March 27th, 2022 by Admin.

We are currently on the hunt for some talented freelance owner/operators including a camera operator (or 1st AC looking to move up) that would be interested in working on our forthcoming series. Aerial CO also needed for limited assignment.
Experience working around animals, in particular horses, is a plus but not required. Proximity to be on location at Stamford, NY via daily commute is necessary. Any editing/mixing experience would also be welcomed. The schedule is somewhat flexible, and there is a lot of opportunity for a creative mind to add their own ‘viewpoint’ to the shoot with a DP interested in nurturing upcoming talent.
The planning and preparation needed to assemble the right cast of characters and talent on the set behind the lends is well underway for our forthcoming “Road Map to Making a Grand Prix Horse” is, as you can imagine, a huge undertaking.
Shooting begins May 15th – and is expected to continue throughout the Summer 2022, with two back-to back episodes of the series being taped with especial attention to filming during ‘the magic hour.’
Please email Nikki@TheHorseStudio.com with your interest/background/availability and for more info.

The Horse Studio ~ The Inaugural Blog

Posted: March 21st, 2022 by Admin.

The first day of Spring seems and appropriate day to officially launch The Horse Studio blog.
Always a day of great promise of all the new growth to come in the year.
As you may have seen across our website, there are 4 major projects that are currently in production. If you’ve missed them (and hopefully you haven’t!) there is info on the top left menu here on the blog page.
Casting calls are active so take a gander at those links too.
After several years collaborating with others and working on some very exciting projects with ‘B’ list movie celebrities, several large PR/Marketing multimedia endeavors and a broadband of other creative programs that include management and creation of newsletters, eblasts and such – it is good to have our newly renovated website up and running so we can share news more directly with you!
Thanks for signing in to check us out. If you’re here, then something about what we are doing must interest you so please don’t be shy to reach out.
For business owners you can expect to see a wealth of resources here to help you develop your brand. Some good subscribes and follows for you today include:
Nikki’s Notes: Is Digital Storytelling For you? Pros and Cons
Make Your Horse Business Better in 2022
We’ll be back with more news as time allows! Meantime thanks for checking in and enjoy the joys of Spring.