Tantalizing Wordsmith Talent

Engaging copy that engages the reader requires clever crafting and an ability to create a narrative that both educates and entertains.

Articles, Blogs, Columns

Feature articles that attract, blogs that bellow, columns that cultivate ~ all are ingredients to celebrate from farm to table in your business ‘restaurant’. Engage people to sit at your table and buy your product or service. Bringing them through the door and keeping them fed and watered is what we do for you.

Websites/White Papers/Ads

Informative, fun and fabulous writing brings life to the page and viewership and clients to your door. The fact is not everyone can write. A creative voice that is adaptive to your individual audience can culture and nurture the reader, sustaining interest and building loyalty and trust.


Hot off the press ideas and approachable copy with you as the author is a trending way to bring trust and transparency to your brand. Don’t overlook it. The collaborative nature of these projects is truly fun.

Why Bother?

Fees for The Horse Studio services are likely not as expensive as you might think. Balancing the budget is a fundamental need for everyone. For this reason, we invite you to ask us about our package specials that are composed to meet your very individual needs and wants.Marketing is like a game of chess and we know how to play it. Here’s why you should bother...
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1. Timeless Moments of Inspiration

You can count on The Horse Studio to produce projects in a timely manner that meet or beat deadlines. You can also count on the team to produce creative content that will provide timeless moments of inspiration to your readership.

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2. Journalist Coverage

We offer journalistic coverage for events big and small, local and worldwide. And our rates are more affordable than you might think.

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3. Editorial Power

The power of the press is alive and kicking. The Horse Studio offers a full range of editorial services and additionally has some special distribution avenue deals to share from their connections with equestrian and rural lifestyle magazine and news publishers, both digitally and in print.

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4. Dancing in the Dark

You may produce the best horse product, ride the best test or train the best gun dog, but unless you get the word out there word simply won’t get around. Many businesses fail simply because they are literally, ‘dancing in the dark,” where no-one sees them. Don’t hide your product or service from the spotlight.

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5. Creative Ingenuity

Let’s face it, coming up with creative angles non-stop for one product can burn out even the most seasoned professional. Whether that product is your celebrity self, a story you have always wanted to tell to inspire, a light you want to shine on your services or a product the world needs to understand better – employing a pro to not just write it but create the angle is a smart move.

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6. Listen and Learn

We know every business is unique and different. A fresh perspective will help but it is essential the media pro you select listens and learns before jumping in with three feet. The Horse Studio team enjoys the process of getting to know you and your needs, and put that front and center.

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We Are On Track. Are You?

In the ever-changing landscape of media marketing it’s always good to step back once in a while and see how far you’ve come.
The Horse Studio brigade loves to help clients achieve or surpass their goals.


Happy Clients


Completed Projects


Cups of Tea


Hard Workers

Let’s Take A Look At Pricing Plans

No-one ever seems to publish pricing which seems redundant to us – why not be transparent about media marketing options that are on the available and how much they cost?

These price tags give you an idea of how much project levels cost. Naturally everything is negotiable and would be customized to suit individual needs and your budget.
$675 / mo

Saddle Up

  • Choose from 2 Press Releases
  • or 2 Feature Articles
  • or 2 Blogs or Combination
$5k+ / mo

Gallop Ahead

  • VIP Team Member Package
  • Content Strategy Development
  • Multimedia Product Access

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